91st Academy Awards Odds Tracker

Look back in the Chances for 2019’s Many buzzed-about Movies and performances

See how the chances for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director changed leading up to the 91st Academy Awards
View who won the top awards in the 2019 Oscars
You may find a list of the winners from the major Oscar award categories under. You may also view how the odds for all of the top nominees fluctuated from the weeks leading up to the 91st Academy Awards. The graphs below were generated by calculating the average from some of our most reliable sportsbooks.
Feb. 25: A Star is Born had the shortest opening likelihood of any movie on November 7th, but dropped all the way to +700 after January 22’s official nomination statements. The box-office darling had steep competition, and finally lost to Green Book in what many believed to be the biggest surprise of the night.
Jan. 22: Netflix’s first Oscar competition, Roma, now has the shortest chances at -120. Tied for the most nominations complete with The Favourite, Roma could create history as the very first streaming-service produced film to win an Academy Award.

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