Ben’s Revised Dating Profile Example on OkCupid

Ben’s Revised Dating Profile Example on OkCupid

We took most of Ben’s information, sorted it away, and rewrote their self-summary. We posted it in north park. As you read the bio, focus on simply how much more energy, humor, and info is in it.

Here is a typical example of exactly what a revamped relationship profile appears like:

Illustration of a revamped relationship profile on OkCupid.

Could you observe how superior the revised variation has ended the first? It’s more desirable and provides a great deal more details about Ben.

The key real question is, just exactly how will ladies respond to this profile. Let us check out.

Women’s Response To Revised Dating Profile

Here are a few messages we gotten following the profile makeover. The thing is that a few females complimented the bio at an increased degree.

The takeaway that is key we do not understand specifically just just just what these females liked, however the work we placed into the bio shows the very good results; ladies reacted.

Females react absolutely to a dating profile that is great.

A profile with level gets outcomes similar to this.

A bio which will show effort gets females excited at messaging you.

This is exactly what you would like; ladies beginning conversations because of the profile.

Females Commenting on particular Topics in a Bio

A totally crafted profile with a few subjects escalates the possibilities ladies respond favorably to one thing they see. You never understand just what will grab a female’s attention, which explains why it really is critical to incorporate just as much level as you possibly can. In these examples, ladies give attention to specific subjects We talked about.

Ben published just how he enjoyed Netflix, but we expanded onto it. We included certain demonstrates that are popular at this time, and also you start to see the effect it had in the woman below; conversation began!

Expand on which you are viewing whenever you mention Netflix.

In this instance, the ladies also mentioned my Netflix remark, but additionally liked the way I expanded on Ben’s initial comment of “nice restaurants. ” The level we included had an effect, as you care able to see the girl’s response below.

You never understand exactly just what grabs a lady’s attention, therefore expand on all of your passions.

Finally, this girl commented for invest hillcrest that holds concerts which we pointed out in my own bio. We composed, “concerts at Humphrey’s” into the bio and you also see below it prompted an email through the girl below.

You never understand just what will grab a female’s attention on the bio, so include just as much information as you can.

Woman commenting on one thing particular

While many females touch upon particulars in a profile, start conversations that are most such as the people below. These communications are completely appropriate since your objective is not difficult; compose a solid self-summary.

A self-summary that is great females to swipe right, such as your profile, advances the possibility they answer your communications, and give you messages first such as these:

All things considered had been stated and done, this is exactly what Ben’s inbox appeared to be after a couple of days. The thing is the effect of some tweaks can perform on a person’s profile. Imagine an inbox such as this:


The purpose of this revised dating profile example is showing you the way you are able to just simply take a typical run-of-the-mill bio and provide it a makeover. The thing is the excellent results due to my modifications to Ben’s bio.

There was clearlyn’t a lot to utilize on Ben’s profile. Don’t believe this is a fluke; most men compose lower than Ben.

Preferably, you need to include more passions and passions, but We just had a great deal to do business with therefore assumptions where necessary. The thing is with my revised dating profile instance; it is the small details which make a significant difference.

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