Benny King: Tributes paid to renowned cuts man after he passed away this week

Tributes have been paid to cuts guy Benny King later he passed away at the age 78.
A prominent figure in Scottish boxing for a number of decades, King firstly worked the corner for a coach and subsequently turned into a cuts man for a long collection of boxers, including Craig Docherty, Kevin Anderson Jawaid Khaliq, Tony Dodson, Mark Hobson, James Hare and Kris Carslaw.
Director Tommy Gilmour and scottish promoter praised the Greenock guy, his long-term friend’s service and devotion.
“He has been my pal to get 40-odd years,” said Gilmour. “All the places I went in the planet, Benny came along with me.
“There’s been a good deal of memorable nights. Craig Docherty got cut and he is kept fighters. He had been well respected, whichever side of the fence he worked .
“His loyalty was beyond question, I think that has been one of the strongest points. He was loyal to me and my family’s rest, that you could not have wished for a better friend, or even even a colleague.
“We all took him all around the world with usand he always kept everyone together, along with the fighters loved him. He gained everybody’s respect as well as their friendship.”
Gilmour revealed King’s clinical abilities were even utilised during a traffic crash.
“We might observe this lorry turning over, got out of their automobile, and Benny at the point, he had had a whole lot of trouble with his spine, but the adrenaline should have been draining.
“He jumped up onto the cabin, got the fella out. He had a cut eye and Benny says to me’Go and receive my cut equipment out of the back of the automobile.’ Benny patched the guy up in the face of the street before the ambulance arrived.”
Ring Announcer Craig Stephen recalled how King’s calm instruction as a cornerman helped Kevin Anderson to a British name win over Young Mutley in 2006.
“Benny told it like it was,” explained Stephen. “Kevin Anderson against Young Mutley, I wasn’t working the fight, but I had been there and quite near the corner. Benny was cool at the corner as always, although kevin was in trouble.
“Kevin looked up and went’he’s broke my teeth’, and Benny just looked at him and said’I’ll get you a new one’ and got on with it. He kept him moving and Kevin eventually ceased Young Mutley.”
Billy Nelson, who’s trained a range of Scotland’s most prosperous fighters, hailed King’s professionalism.
“Benny has been a well-liked and calm man. He had time for everybody, from amateurs to world champions.
“A wealth of understanding of boxing. An all-round fine man. You knew that you had a good, reliable man working on your corner, if he had been doing your own cuts, and he always gave you great advice following the struggle.”
Fellow trainer Colin Belshaw profited before bowing out of this sport in the words of King, who passed to his experience.
“He worked together with Kris Carslaw and myself at the British title battle against Brian Rose,” explained Belshaw. “Kris had a nasty cut early on and Benny maintained that together from the third until the 12th round.
“He talked me , assisted me to do cuts myselfand I went to work in that area.
“I believe he will go down as an iconic name, a true legend. He also even put an awful lot of his entire life to boxing.”

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