Bills’ Shaq Lawson to pay for slain 11-year-old’s funeral

Upon a South Carolina summer night, Ja’Naiya Scott sat on her family couch, joined with her sister and cousin.
Weeks earlier, she looked ahead to her time at Robert Anderson Middle School — along with the remainder of her life and had moved on from Whitehall Elementary.
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More than 35 shots interrupted the late night morning , hospitalizing cousin and her sister and injuring and ending 11-year-old Ja’Naiya’s life.
The tragedy, which occurred about 1:30 a.m. Sunday from the town of Anderson, hit home with Buffalo Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson in more ways than you.
“It could have been my little sister,” Lawson said Wednesday via The Greenville News. “I have a little sister around that age, and it might have been among my family members.”
In the aftermath of Ja’Naiya’s murder, Lawson has pledged to pay for the funeral.
A three-season veteran using the Bills, Lawson grew up in South Carolina, attending D.W. Daniel High before enjoying Clemson.
Lawson achieved to speak the mother of Ja’Naiya, with Marshella Rice.
“I know her heart was hurting,” Lawson explained. “I was speechless I could not saying anything. I felt for her pain. I felt the pain, also. I felt just like some other way I could help out, I went to do this. It struck my heart.”
Struck by a bullet in her shoulder, the subclavian artery of Ja’Naiya was severed and she died in the emergency room.
An unidentified assailant fired off the shots and no charges are filed with no suspects having been called.
“Whoever did this must come forward and tell the truth,” Lawson said. “And whoever’s hiding, it is wrong that you are hiding. This is. It is just pointless killing people — murdering an innocent kid. She was home, a place she was assumed to be safe.”

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