Cristiano Ronaldo ’embarrased’ by rape allegations

Cristiano Ronaldo admits that he felt”ashamed” by allegations he raped a girl in vegas.
The Portuguese was accused of sexually assaulting American Kathryn Mayorga in a hotel room at June, 2009 – a claim he refused.
The analysis was closed in 2009 but reopened in August soon before Ms Mayorga filed a suit in September, offering details she withheld. She stated she had obtained the courage to speak out due to this #MeToo movement.
Prosecutors announced in July they wouldn’t be prosecuting the case as the allegations could not”be proven beyond a reasonable doubt”.
The case remains open from the footballer.
Ronaldo admits the allegations have taken a toll on him.
“They play with your own dignity,” Ronaldo told’Good Morning Britain’ in an interview with Piers Morgan which will air on Tuesday.
“It is hard. You’ve got a girlfriend, you just have a household, you’ve got kids. When they perform with your honesty, it is bad, it is hard.
“I remember one day I was at home in the living room with my buddy watching the television to find the information and they speak about’Cristiano Ronaldo this and that.’
“I listened to my kids coming down the stairs and I changed the station because I was humiliated.
“I just changed the station for Cristiano Jr not to see they speak bad about his dad about a really bad case.”
During the meeting, Ronaldo became emotional when talking about his dad, Jose Dinis Aveiro, that passed away aged 52 from 2005 because of cirrhosis, two decades later he first joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon.
From Morgan of his dad praising his son for Norwegian TV shortly before he expired, when shown footage, ronaldo broke down into tears.
“I never saw that video. Incredible,” Ronaldo said. “I think the interview could be amusing, but I didn’t expect to yell. But I never watched these pictures. I don’t understand where you… I have to have these images to show my loved ones.
“I really don’t understand my father 100 percent. He had been a person that is drunk. He and I never talked , like a normal conversation. It had been hard.
“To be the number one and that he don’t see nothing, and he don’t see to get awardsto see what I became.”

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