Kieran Trippier hits out at Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino over Tottenham exit

Kieran Trippier has struck out over the style of his exit from Tottenham at Mauricio Pochettino along with Daniel Levy, saying they didn’t disclose their plans to market him.
The 28-year-old right-back combined Atletico Madrid from Spurs for #21.7m July, and said on Monday he felt that he had just taken a”measure up”.
However, Trippier admits that he didn’t wish to depart northern London, but had no option when his supervisor and chairman didn’t respond to his orders.
He explained:”I talked to the supervisor about his aims and that I didn’t get a’yes’ and I did not get a’no’ – so you have the impression.
“The supervisor didn’t say he wanted to move me on and I tried to speak to the chairman on it.
“It is not fine when you know the club wish to market you. It is soccer and it is not nice but it happens although I heard rumours about these promoting me.
“It is disappointing. I gave everything and that I needed to stay. Everything happens for a reason although I had another few years left.
“Me and the manager did not leave on bad terms; he’s done a lot for me and that I respect him highly.
“it’s only a couple items – I tried to talk to the chairman, I just didn’t get an answer.”
Trippier loved a superb World Cup for England but suffered a slump in shape last season – his final effort at Spurs.
Gareth Southgate to the Nations League droped him this summer, however, has returned to the month’s European Qualifiers.
Trippier acknowledged his criteria slipped but believes Spurs may repent selling him, saying:”Everyone has an opinion – you have, the pundits have.
“It doesn’t bother me but clearly the lovers… I put the bar high in the World Cup and they understood how well I can perform.
“Tottenham got rid of me at the wrong moment, but I struggled with injuries. I might have come back fit and fresh but they made the decision and now I’m in Atletico.”

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