Man City and Liverpool fined by Uefa for Champions League crowd trouble

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Manchester City have been fined 15,750 euros (#13,644) by Uefa for the”casting of items” by their own fans during the 2-0 Champions League win over Dinamo Zagreb on 1 October.
Zagreb are fined 20,000 euros (#17,326) for exactly the same offence and also”acts of damages” in Etihad Stadium.
The Croat club also have been prohibited from selling tickets to their off fans to their game.
Liverpool have been fined 10,000 euros (Number 8,663) after a pitch invasion.
Fans ran on into the pitch following their 4-3 Champions League win against Red Bull Salzburg on 2 October.
Salzburg are fined 3,250 euros (#2,815) for the throwing of objects with their own supporters throughout the game at Anfield.
Elsewhere, Ajax have been fined 50,000 euros (Number 43,315) for its”acts of harms and crowd disturbances” through the club’s 3-0 triumph from Valencia.
Ajax are prohibited from selling tickets to their off supporters for their second European match, although the club have also been given an 18,000 euro (#15,593) good for its”improper behaviour” of their team during exactly the same match, in which six Ajax players were shown yellow cards.
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