Tips For Betting The Total In The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final

Scoring is ablaze these NHL playoffs. It reached its peak May 3 with a ridiculous 6.09 goals per match and it’s currently at 5.85 aims heading into Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final.
When you compare it with recent postseasons, that amount is ridiculous. Additionally, it is a narrative that’s been largely overlooked by both the mainstream press and the betting community.
From the 10 seasons prior, the highest goals per game average in a playoffs was 5.98 (2010) and even that was an anomaly considering it was the first period under new rule adjustments to crack down with a force on obstruction. The NHL called it tighter to start up play along with the OVER crushed this year at 45-30-14.
I have ta hand it to oddsmakers because although scoring is way up this season, they’ve managed to book totals admirably. The O/U stands 32-36-11 heading into Game 1 between the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights. That’s actually a profit of $200.25 if you place $100 on each UNDER. So how should people be betting totals from the NHL final?
I think we’ll see some UNDER value . The biggest reason is goaltending and that is necessarily the first thing you need to check at when you are betting totals in the NHL. If a team’s goalie is not playing well, pucks will find the back of the net — it is only an issue of how many.
When a group’s goaltender is hot, though, he can always steal an UNDER success for you by yourself.
Marc-Andre Fleury has propelled the Golden Knights into the final and that is clear with him sitting since the -120 favorite to win the Conn Smythe. If you need more than that, Fleury owns a 1.68 goals-against average along with a .947 save percentage.
That second number rankings best for one postseason of any goalie who’s played eight matches. As in No. 1 all-time according to He is putting on a playoff performance for the ages and you’ll be able to run out of superlatives to describe it.
Braden Holtby is a bit of a story for Washington. He has been up-and-down these playoffs with a couple softies squeezing through. He’s had six games this postseason where his save percentage dropped below .900, which is a little scary.
The fantastic news for Caps and UNDER bettors, though, is it seems he’s saved his best for last. Holtby enters the final off back-to-back shutouts from a powerful Tampa Bay squad with a combined 53 saves.
A major reason why is that Washington played much better team defense in front of him in these matches. The Capitals had 36 blocked shots compared with the Bolts’ 21 as well as to me, they played their best defensively of the postseason at the ends of the ice.
Holtby is a much better goaltender when the Capitals are playing that. He’s not always the kind of keeper who’s going to steal goals off excellent scoring chances time and like Fleury. But he’ll stop only about all of the shots he needs to when his team is playing well in front of him.
The prior fourth-round pick has quietly earned the third-best goals-against typical in history (2.01) among goaltenders with at least 50 games.
Scoring at the Stanley Cup Final:
Scoring typically goes in the final. The group that could play much better defense and possesses the hotter goaltender generally wins the Cup.

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